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»Himalayan Rock Salt nourishes each cell in your body.

Mineral Composition: 95-98% of Sodium Chloride, 2-4% of polyhalite ( potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulphur, oxygen and hydrogen), 0.01% fluoride, 0.01% iodine and small amount of numerpus trace minerals.

Uses: Cooking, Air purifies (Lamps), Bathing.
Add a pinch of salt to all your beverages to improve hydration. –These very minerals benefits in detoxification of the body by balancing systematic pH.
-The unrefined, mineral rich salt is an ionic solution to balance Blood Pressure.
-Reduces muscle crap
-Helps balance Blood Sugar which improves sleep.
-It also acts as a powerful Anti-Histamine.
-Supports weight loss by balancing hormones and improving energy.
-Provides Healthy and fiert metabolism.

Himalayan Salt Rock Lamps have air purifying properties. It attracts moisture from the air to the lamp surface. Reduces toxicity of EMFs ( Electro Mahnetic frequencies emitted from electronics ).

Adding Himalayan Rock Salt for Bath gives a rejuvenating, detoxifying and relaxing effect like a home spa. Draws outon stress, deep cleanses the skin and helps cleanse the body energy.

99% of salt found in stores arenr Naturally occuring. And it doesn’t have any of these minerals. Most commonly available iodized rock and kosher salts are stripped of all the healthy and flavorful minerals as they’re processed.


»Energy Stones and Pendants.

-Enhances energy level of each cell in your body and protects it from harmful radiations.
-Creates a positive aura in your room by emitting Natural Energy created by our very Earth.